Tool Theft Awareness Ireland – Support & Help Tool Theft Victims

Tool Theft Awareness Ireland

Van & Tool Theft in Ireland is a crimewave of epidemic proportions which is getting worse by the day!

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We have setup a Facebook group for Irish tradesmen that have fallen victim to these vermin. You can share pictures, information or anything that might get your tools back or keep other members aware of locations and what to look out for.

We will also be publishing security solutions and tips to protect your tools and livelihood.

You just have to look at Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis and you will see that theft of tools from vans and on sites is a really serious matter and it’s happening constantly.

Undeterred by the extra security people are taking, thieves are using the dark of night as cover. And, on the run-up to Christmas, with shorter daylight hours, tradesmen are calling for something more to be done.

Remember the people that buy stolen tools are just as bad as the scumbags that are steeling them. Help stop this! STOP BUYING STOLEN TOOLS!

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