Keeping Your Home Safe While on Holiday (10 Quick Tips)

Keep your home secure on holiday

It’s that time of year when most of us are heading off on holiday; the perfect time to kick back, enjoy some sunshine, and take a break from work and stress. Wouldn’t it be so much more relaxing if you had complete peace of mind about your home’s security and safety?

Summer can be peak season for burglars. They know that on any given street, there are a number of houses empty while the occupants are away.

Ask Yourself – How can I prevent my home from being an easy target for thieves?

Preventing any damage while you’re away (burst pipes, fires etc.) is another important aspect of your home’s safety to consider.

Following our 10 handy tips below will give you added peace of mind and help you switch off and completely unwind while on holiday, knowing your home is protected.

1. Ask a friend or family to check in or house­-sit

This is our number 1 tip for a good reason. Having someone you trust checking in on, or staying at your house is one of the most effective ways to keep it secure. Making a house look lived in will deter burglars from trying to break in, and can prevent accidents from occurring.

2. Keep social media information to a minimum

It’s tempting to announce to the world that you’re off on holiday for a few weeks. Hold back! Potential intruders scan popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter for signs of an empty house.

If you just can’t resist, we’d suggest adding a note thanking a friend for house­ sitting while you’re away. Even if there is no one staying at your place, it will help to put thieves off.

3. Keep your letterbox clear

Ask someone to check your post every few days, and to clear away any junk mail that may have accumulated. A stack of unopened post and flyers is like a flashing neon sign that nobody’s home.

4. Lose the spare key

If you usually keep a spare key (or keys!) under the mat for emergencies, now is the time to stop! This is the first place that thieves will check to avoid having to break in. In fact, it’s safer to leave your spare keys with a friend or neighbour all of the time, instead of keeping them in hidden spots around your door or garden.

5. Make a checklist ­- Lock Everywhere!

It’s important to check that all doors are locked and windows securely closed before you leave. This is an easy one to remember­ in fact, it’s something we do on autopilot. However, we are usually rushing out the door on the day we leave, perhaps running out of time to make a flight or trying to remember everything to pack.

Making a checklist a few days before you leave makes it easier and faster to ensure you check every window and door.

6. Take care of your pets

To guarantee your pets are safely cared for, we recommend asking a neighbour to take daily care of your pets, or moving them to kennels while you are away.

7. It’s all in the details

It’s easy to miss out on some of the smaller details that can tip off a potential burglar that a house is empty. If you get milk delivered, put your order on hold for the duration of your holiday. If you have plants, ask whoever will be checking in on your home to water them every few days.

If it’s bin day, ask your neighbour to put your bins out for collection. Anything that makes it seem like your home is occupied will put thieves off.

8. Unplug and adjust the heat

To prevent potential damage and save money, why not unplug all of your appliances and switch off the heating before you leave? However, if you’re travelling in winter and are concerned about pipes freezing and bursting, it’s a good idea to adjust the thermostat to a level that’s warm enough to prevent freezing.

9. Invest in a safe

This is a handy tip for everyday security. If you keep valuables in your home, a sturdy, high quality safe is an excellent investment. We stock and fit a large selection of home security safes. You can read more about our safes here.

10. Get a home security check up

Our experienced locksmiths can come to your home to conduct a full security check. They will advise you on any areas you can strengthen your existing security measures, any weak spots to look out for in your property like Anti Snap Locks and Patlock.

We can also quality check your alarm and even your vehicles. Making sure your family car or commercial work van has security van locks.

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