10 Tips to Make Your Home Safer While You’re Out

10 Tips to Make Your Home Safer While You Are Out

Our home is our refuge – a place of privacy and security for you and your family. We always want our home to be safe and protected against any kind of intrusion. Here are 10 expert tips to help you secure your home.

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1. Your Home Should Look in Use

It’s one of the basic rules for ensuring home safety. Install automatic timers so that the lights turn on and off while you’re not at home or away. Instead of old-fashioned timers try the modern ones which can be controlled remotely with smart phones.

2. Get Anti-Snap Locks Fitted

Anti-Snap locks are a must! Burglars are using simple tools to twist and snap Euro cylinder locks until it breaks. Once the cylinder is broken in this manner the lock becomes useless and it would take a burglar a few seconds to open the door to be in your home or business. Upgrade My Locks!

3. Light Up the Outdoors

Install outdoor lighting that turns on automatically when it gets dark or the ones which get turned on by motion sensors.

4. Get Yourself a Home Alarm System

Never underestimate a Home Alarm System. 53% of burglars tend to skip homes that have a visible home alarm system on the front and back of their home. You can purchase are fairly good system for in and around €500 now a days.

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5. Find a Better Place to Hide your Spare House Key

Burglars and home invaders know of all the common hiding places. If you can’t think of either creative hiding place, then opt for keyless locks. These are pushbutton, or touch screen deadbolts eliminate the requirement of a key.

6. Re-enforce your French Doors with a Patlock

French doors often have locks which are not very secure. A Patlock placed across the 2 handles ensures that the door can’t be forced open in case the lock is picked. You can see more about the Patlock here.

7. Protect Your Windows

Make sure that all window locks are functional you can request a quote for our Window Lock services in Dublin here. Always close and secure windows when not at home. Get locks for all your windows.

8. Protect Your Home with 24/7 CCTV

People tend not to realise that CCTV is watching your home 24/7. This is great peace of mind when away from your home for any length of time. IP CCTV can even let you log in from anywhere in the world to check in on things.

9. Purchase a Home Safe

Thieves know all about the usual places where people hide their valuable stuff. Don’t stash your valuables in desk drawers, vases, shoeboxes, the cistern tank, or under the kids’ bed. Invest in a good quality safe you can have a look here.

10. Get Yourself a Pet!

Dogs usually like to bark and make noise if someone was to enter your garden or home. That’s why some people are comfortable just to have a pet downstairs in there home or put their rear garden.

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