10 Tips for Van Owners on How to Protect Your Tools

10 Tips on How to Protect Your Van After recently doing an interview with the Independant.ie about the ‘tool theft gangs’ in Dublin we thought we would build a list of tips that could be useful for tradesmen.

We’ve seen and talked to countless tradesmen that either had there vans broken into or damaged from a break in attempt. Most come to us after it’s to late to get van locks installed.

These tool theft gangs know what sort of tradesmen to target and while you proudly advertise your company logo on the side of your van this is what these gangs are looking for. Your basically a moving billboard for these scumbags.

Only recently we had a builder into our workshop that had €14,000 worth of tools stolen from his van while it was parked outside his home. This sort of thing can cripple any business never mind a local builder.

This is why it’s so important to ensure your van is protected. If your willing to to have thousands of euros sitting in your van you should be clever enough to protect it.

Here is your 10 Tips to Help Protect Your Van

  1. Avoid vans with glass panels on the side or back doors and ensure that your van has a fixed metal partition between the driver cab area and rear cargo area.
  2. If you are working on a building site or visiting a premises to carry out a job for any length of time be sure to check on your van regularly or have it in your view.
  3. Get the locks on your van strengthened with Slam Locks. Slam Locks automatically lock your van door as soon as you close it. So if you walk away from your van you can be comfortable with it been secured. Get a Van Lock quote here
  4. When on social media try not tell everyone where you are working. These tool theft gangs will monitor your Facebook for any chance they get.
  5. When your van is parked at your home make sure the doors are visible from inside your house. If possible park your van so that the doors are tight against a garden wall.
  6. If you catch someone at your van DO NOT try and tackle these scumbags. Call the Gardai, turn your lights on and make as much noise as possible. Your tools are not worth your safety.
  7. Another option to consider would be home or business CCTV. Even tho it’s an expensive way to go you have to remember its 24/7 security.
  8. A great tip is to mark your tools. Engrave your name or initials into them. This makes it easy to identify your tools if they are found after been stolen. They usually show up at local car booth sales or on social media and free classified websites.
  9. If one of these thieves does manage to get into your van then having your tools placed in a secure box or van vault is another layer of effective security.
  10. Get a smart alarm system installed on your van. We are seen an uplift in demand for these. If your van is been tampered with your alarm is triggered and you are notified on your smartphone.

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    It’s important to remember that there is no 100% bullet proof solution. It’s about making the right security decision that suits you, your budget and your business.

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